Max And Me

                 n this actıvıty, Turkish, Bulgarian and Ukrenian second grades students are introducing themselves and Max Dog in English with vokie web tool.Max Dog is our mascot to colour all our acvtivities.Our students had great times using vokie web tool and tried to improve their speaking skills.And they thougt that vokie was one of the funniest web tools. 
Teaching English to Young Learners is a course for all teachers of primary age students. It aims to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to support young learners through the delivery of engaging and motivating lessons.

This eight module course focuses on aspects such as examining the skills children need to be able to learn effectively, and managing classroom interaction. Aspects such as skills development, evaluation, and assessment are explored through media rich content, and opportunities for discussion with teachers around the world. Participation in this course will give you the opportunity to explore tools and activities that prepare children for lifelong learning.




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